My Mother, My Hero

Women are truly incredible. We are born already at a disadvantage. The oppression we experience is deep-seated and we STILL find a way to end up on top…On top of that we’re expected to deal with the obstacles that life throws at us with grace. My mother is the epitome of what a woman is. She’s my hero.

A Mother

My mom told me that as a child, she would say she wanted to grow up to be a mother. So that’s exactly what she did after graduating high school. I was born on September 29th, 1996. Not to toot my own horn, but I made my mom’s dreams come true. I was her world. At that point she no longer lived for herself, she lived for me. And when my brother was born on November 13th, 2003, her world and her heart expanded. My mom has dedicated her life to us. Everything that she does is for us. Not only is she a mother, but she’s a good mother. Always encouraging us to be ourselves and reassuring us that her love for us will never end.

Womanhood is selflessness.

A Boss

My mom is a true boss. She’s a real bad ass. And when she enters a room, her presence is felt. She was born to lead, and she was born to stand out. She runs things and I admire that about her. She has pulled up her own chair to the table. She makes sure she’s heard. And she doesn’t stick around where she doesn’t feel heard or valued.

Womanhood is bold.

An Inspiration

My mom lived in poverty and is still successful. My mom endured abuse and is still successful. My mom had a child at 19 and is still successful. My mom got her bachelor’s at 35 and is still successful.

So I tell myself, if my mom was able to defeat all odds, then I can too. Her story is a testimony for all women. She has taught me that no matter what you’ve been through, you can be Somebody.

Womanhood is inspiring.

Even if my mom wasn’t a mom, she would still be selfless, she would still be bold, and she would still be inspiring which are all the things that make her so incredible to me. Mom, I love you. And thank you.

I challenge you to take some time out of your day to thank the women who have been influential to you.

4 thoughts on “My Mother, My Hero

  1. Marquita Reaves

    I absolutely love this!!! Your mom was/is my inspiration as well!! I love how you acknowledge her while she can know that she has done an amazing Job with you and your brother!


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